Crown Canyon

Private and secluded, yet just minutes away from refined shopping experiences and recognized spa facilities, Crown Canyon is artfully centered to reach luxury amenities within minutes. Fashion Square is the destination to explore your favorite luxury retailers and specialty stores. A characteristic town square where old Western charm meets modern living makes Fashion Square the beating heart of town. A short five-minute drive southwest you can wander the outdoor luxury boutiques of Biltmore Fashion Park amongst lush gardens for a relaxing afternoon. While circling the Biltmore, prepare to splurge on the many spa amenities of the Waldorf Astoria, a historic hotel building on the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural design. Situated in Paradise Valley, tucked into the hillside of Camelback Mountain, is the evergreen Sanctuary Resort and Spa offering the most delightful wellness programs and spa experiences. WORLD-CLASS SPAS & SHOPPING


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