Crown Canyon

OPAL The Opal is the most unique Homesite in its flexibility in planning for home orientation and functional, useable space. The site has an entry that delivers you a home anticipated to take full advantage of the views to the north, up the canyon along the dramatic ridges and substantial vegetation. ‚ÄčThe sweeping, 360-degree views of stunning mountains give the impression that the crown of the mountains has been set upon the head of the Opal. The Opal Residence will be the center of attention for all to see and, as such, has the unique opportunity to be the central architectural element for the community. Given the opportunity for abundant yard space, it is anticipated that the owner will provide more structural landscaped space for active children, entertaining, or outside gardening and reflection. Stratton Andrews has created a conceptual design to bring a visual to the caliber of home this homesite can carry.


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